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There’s often confusion between the roles of a registered dietitian versus a nutritionist.

In short, a Registered Dietitian (RD) is a food and nutrition expert who has met specific educational and professional requirements. RDs use their expertise to help people make healthy food and lifestyle choices.

A nutritionist has fewer professional requirements, and may not hold a college degree or any specific credentials related to diet or nutrition.

This is typically the case across Canada and the United States. However, if you’re outside of Victoria, these terms may have different connotations depending on where you live.

In British Columbia, a Registered Dietitian may also use the title “nutritionist.” However, someone using the title “nutritionist” in BC is not necessarily an RD.

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Nutritional Counseling with a Registered Dietitian

If you’re looking to improve your diet and eating habits, working with an RD can be a great first step. RDs have the education, training, credentials, and qualifications to provide evidence-based recommendations tailored to your individual nutritional needs.

They can also help you develop a realistic and sustainable plan for making changes to your diet—for example:

If you’ve been seeking out general nutrition information, you know there are many reliable and unreliable sources of information available online and in print. However—as you also know—it can be difficult to sort through all of the conflicting information out there.

Working with an RD can help you cut through the noise and get the accurate, evidence-based information you need. They can work with people of all activity levels, ages, and stages of life. They can provide their services in one-on-one nutrition counseling, or in a group education setting.

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Book an Appointment with a Registered Dietitian Online

If you’re interested in working with a Registered Dietitian in Victoria, you can book an appointment with one online at Continuum Health Centre.

At Continuum, our Registered Dietitians provide individualized nutrition care for clients. Our Dietitians are essential members of an integrated support team, contributing valuable input to individualized care plans.

Continuum Health Centre’s Registered Dietitians can provide you with a multitude of services—including, but not limited to:

Our holistic model can help you address all aspects of your health and maintain a healthy lifestyle, providing a transformative approach to wellness.

If you’re ready to make a change, Continuum is here to help. To book an appointment with a Registered Dietitian in Victoria, please call us at 778-433-7737, or click here to book an appointment now.