Ciara Malone

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Ciara Malone

MA, CCC & MPC (Prov.) - (Certified Clinical Counsellor & Provisional Mental Performance Consultant)

Ciara (she/her) brings a wealth of experience as a high-performance athlete turned research-practitioner. In her research, Ciara looks at the identity challenges that athletes face at the conclusion of their varsity careers. Over the 14 months, Ciara has been engaged in research around the mental health experiences of Canadian University Athletes through COVID-19 and has presented her research internationally. As a practitioner, Ciara uses an integrated and culturally sensitive approach to meet the needs of each unique client.
She understands the importance of a strong, trusting therapeutic relationship for meaningful growth and change to take place and centres her work on creating a secure environment in which you can feel seen, heard, and valued. Ciara brings her natural warmth, compassion and curiosity into each session.
She believes in the healing power of laughter and enjoys connecting with her clients over life’s big and small victories as well as its hardships. Ciara believes in the importance of tuning into the moment and turning toward your emotions, and frequently works with clients to learn to slow down and find their own inner guide, whether they’re stuck, struggling with interpersonal issues, or having trouble coping. She uses a strength-based approach to help people accept and embrace diverse aspects of themselves as well as develop new skills that can be used in everyday life. Ciara has a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She is a Certified Clinical Counsellor (CCC) and Provisional Mental Performance Consultant (MPC, Prov.).

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