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Greg Kirk


Greg has been a physiotherapist and certified strength and conditioning specialist for over 15 years. He completed his Master of Physiotherapy at UBC and a post-graduate certificate in manual therapy at Curtain University in Perth. During this time, Greg served as a research assistant in neurophysiology, motor learning, biomechanics, and knowledge translation. Since graduating, he has also completed multiple courses – receiving certifications and accreditation for Gunn IMS, DNS D, PRI training, and Applied Kinesiology. In addition, Greg is a graduate of the ConnectTherapy Series and the Thoracic Ring Approach.

Greg has a keen interest in human behaviour. He’s worked with a very diverse population with varying activity levels, and among everyone, there remains a common theme. We’re all human. As such, there are similarities in the shortcuts our bodies and brains will take to make life easier in response to injuries, stresses, and emotions. However, these shortcuts are not always great long-term solutions.

Greg is a firm believer that the body is not simply a sum of its parts, and the interactions of this complex system are of the utmost importance. Understanding these patterns plays an integral role in treating his clients while incorporating movement, exercise, education, and manual therapy. Greg’s passion is getting an individual back to full capacity – as it relates to the activities that are important and meaningful to them.

Greg’s other specific interest is in performance physio to mitigate injury and maximize performance. He has worked with national and Olympic level athletes in almost every sport, including snowboarding, skiing, beach volleyball, basketball, gymnastics, track, triathlon, weight lifting, swimming, diving, tennis, soccer, and mountain biking. Greg has also worked with professional dancers, musicians, actors, and athletes from various basketball leagues. He has worked with MLB, NHL, and most extensively, NFL athletes. Greg worked as a team physio for high school basketball, rugby, football, volleyball, and varsity baseball squads and has traveled with Canadian wrestling and rugby teams.

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