Steve Mackinnon

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Steve Mackinnon

Exercise Therapist - CSCS Strength Coach

Steve is a certified strength and conditioning coach with over ten years of experience working with high-level athletes. After years of working in personal training, Steve returned to school and earned a Bachelor’s in Athletic and Exercise Therapy. While in school, Steve served as the Head S/C coach for the Canadian Women’s Rugby 15s program. This position took him around the world and helped the team to a silver medal placing at the 2014 women’s 15s Rugby World cup. After graduation, Steve focussed on using his various skillsets, working as a Return to Play Specialist for national rugby athletes. He enjoys the challenges and creative thinking required for returning athletes from injury to their physical best. In 2019 Steve took over as the Head S/C coach for the Canadian Women’s Olympic Rugby 7s program. He has continued to work with athletes from various sports disciplines throughout his time with national rugby programs, including working with professional and semi-professional hockey athletes in their off-season.

Steve is a firm believer in movement above all other training and treatment modalities. He knows – whether we’re injured or healthy – there are always physical capacities we can work on and train. He emphasizes an individual and holistic approach to training that considers many factors, including training age and experience, injury history, and the requirements of sport/activities, to name a few. Steve considers his primary goal in his work to be athlete empowerment. When his athletes are competing, they must feel empowered to use their bodies and abilities at their highest capacities to meet the stresses of sport-specific tasks.

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