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Active Recovery

Our Integrated Support Team supports active recovery by promoting mobility exercises, a full range of motion, and increasing blood flow through an entire muscle set.  Enhancing blood flow to muscles surrounding a joint is imperative to expedient recovery.
With this in mind, each practitioner emphasizes optimal care to refrain from overloading targeted muscle groups. As such, the majority of mobility exercises employed require minimal to no-load and are performed using minimal bodyweight.
As active recovery emphasizes general light and physical activity, Continuum’s rehabilitative processes ensure that activity levels match an individual’s capacity. Our practitioners will guide our clients through a dynamic range of physical movements, promoting circulation without muscle load.
Additionally, promoting active recovery will benefit individuals recovering from demanding activity. Benefits include reducing lactic acid buildup in muscles, eliminating toxins, maintaining muscle flexibility, reducing soreness, increasing blood flow, and maintaining exercise routines.

Proudly offering integrated performance, health, and rehabilitation services to all of Greater Victoria.

What Makes Continuum Different?
A picture of Active Recovery with Continuum Centre
  • Continuum operates in the high-performance Speed Mechanics facility
  • Individualized rehabilitation programs that appropriately challenge patients
  • Integrated Support Team (IST) uses a multi-disciplinary pathway to facilitate your return-to health
  • Healthcare practitioners and S&C coaches operate in a cooperative and collaborative learning environment
  • Evidence-based, research driven treatments
  • Unique delivery model promotes a transcendent quality of care, expediting recovery
  • Emphasis on health, rehabilitation, and performance. For everyone.
Vancouver Island’s first fully integrated, revolutionary health and performance centre!

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