Redefining the standard of care for performance, health, and rehabilitation services through an integrated, client-centred approach.
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At Continuum Health Centre, chiropractic care is a hands-on, non-invasive, and drug-free practice that safely and effectively helps relieve pain and improve the body’s overall function, using various treatments depending on an individual’s needs.
From manual ‘hands-on’ adjustment techniques to soft tissue therapy, chiropractors at Continuum focus on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of joint, muscle, and bone pain, with a primary focus on the spine and back.
After conducting an initial assessment to ascertain functional ranges of movement and levels of discomfort/pain, the chiropractors at Continuum implement a therapeutic approach based primarily upon the interactions of the spine and nervous system. As such, the primary treatment method requires segmented adjustments of the spinal column. Common disorders, such as back and neck pain that stem from the musculoskeletal system, can be corrected through manual adjustment or manipulation of the spinal vertebrae. This therapy assists in correcting nervous system dysfunction.
The chiropractors at Continuum enable our clients to live the active, pain-free lives they deserve. Our practitioners alleviate the discomfort that creeps into everyday life by treating neck pain, back pain, arthritis, certain types of headaches, injuries, and more. These specialists are spine, muscle, and nervous system experts. Each Continuum chiropractor specializes in assessing, diagnosing, treating, and developing care plans to keep our clients moving and pain-free and shares their insights with our integrated support team members.

Proudly offering integrated performance, health, and rehabilitation services to all of Greater Victoria.

What Makes Continuum Different?
A picture of Chiropractic with Continuum Centre
  • Continuum operates in the high-performance Speed Mechanics facility
  • Individualized rehabilitation programs that appropriately challenge patients
  • Integrated Support Team (IST) uses a multi-disciplinary pathway to facilitate your return-to health
  • Healthcare practitioners and S&C coaches operate in a cooperative and collaborative learning environment
  • Evidence-based, research driven treatments
  • Unique delivery model promotes a transcendent quality of care, expediting recovery
  • Emphasis on health, rehabilitation, and performance. For everyone.
Vancouver Island’s first fully integrated, revolutionary health and performance centre!

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