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Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

Electrical Muscle Stimulation is a therapeutic approach that stimulates muscle contraction using electrical impulses, directly engaging motor neurons.
Muscle contractions can be quick and frequent, fast with long pauses, or intense for several seconds. It is not uncommon for EMS sessions to last 5 to 10 minutes, dependent on the required treatment.

EMS can be a viable alternative to traditional strength training, where increased muscle stimulation occurs with a minimal muscular load. Electrical muscle stimulation uses high intensities that cause excitation of peripheral nerves to produce a muscle contraction.

An electrical device delivers impulses through electrodes (pads that adhere to the skin) over the middle of the muscle requiring stimulation. The impulses from EMS mimic the action stimulus needed to make the muscle contract. As a result, EMS benefits are derived by decreasing pain, promoting tissue healing, increasing muscle strength, and maintaining and regaining muscle activity.

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What Makes Continuum Different?
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  • Continuum operates in the high-performance Speed Mechanics facility
  • Individualized rehabilitation programs that appropriately challenge patients
  • Integrated Support Team (IST) uses a multi-disciplinary pathway to facilitate your return-to health
  • Healthcare practitioners and S&C coaches operate in a cooperative and collaborative learning environment
  • Evidence-based, research driven treatments
  • Unique delivery model promotes a transcendent quality of care, expediting recovery
  • Emphasis on health, rehabilitation, and performance. For everyone.
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