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Physiotherapy focuses on the prevention and recovery of injuries, optimization of movement, and promotion of physical activity. Our physiotherapists aim to develop a treatment plan with each patient to reduce symptoms and improve their ability to perform functional activities through one-on-one treatment sessions.

At Continuum Health Centre, we know how frustrating it can be to find a facility that understands a client’s sport or passion and the rehabilitation required to return to fitness. At Continuum, our physiotherapy services are designed by active individuals for active individuals. Our rehab professionals are motivated to help clients get back to doing what they love to do, more resilient than ever. Our main role is to provide optimal healthcare services and to coach or guide each client in their recovery process.

Proudly offering integrated performance, health, and rehabilitation services to all of Greater Victoria.

What to expect at Continuum Health Centre

At Continuum, we empower our patients by returning them to independence as quickly and safely as possible. In addition, we promote active participation in the recovery process and evidence-based physiotherapy so that individuals have the resources and strategies to overcome any obstacles holding them back from reaching their goals.

Physiotherapy sessions include a subjective examination and discussion of your injury, detailing how it has impacted your life. Each practitioner performs a rigorous orthopedic evaluation, assessment, and movement screen of your injury or painful condition from the information gathered. These evaluations inform our physiotherapist how to get you best back to functional recovery.

Our practitioners utilize exercise treatment techniques to reduce pain and improve function, range of motion, tolerance, strength, and overall capacity. Additional treatments, such as manual therapy, modalities, and mobility techniques, are incorporated on a case-by-case basis to facilitate the recovery process.

We pride ourselves on being healthcare providers, coaches, and guides in your recovery process. At Continuum Health Centre, our practitioners aim to treat all aspects of the injury experience, as we acknowledge that various factors can be involved. We work with our clients to develop an individualized training program tailored to their rehab and performance goals, getting them back to the activities they love, stronger than ever.

What Makes Continuum Different?
A picture of Physiotherapy with Continuum Centre
  • Continuum operates in the high-performance Speed Mechanics facility
  • Individualized rehabilitation programs that appropriately challenge patients
  • Integrated Support Team (IST) uses a multi-disciplinary pathway to facilitate your return-to-health
  • Healthcare practitioners and S&C coaches operate in a cooperative and collaborative learning environment
  • Evidence-based, research driven treatments
  • Unique delivery model promotes a transcendent quality of care, expediting recovery
  • Emphasis on health, rehabilitation, and performance. For everyone.
Vancouver Island’s first fully integrated, revolutionary health and performance centre!

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