3 Ways You May Benefit from Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy is an effective treatment option to help with musculoskeletal conditions such as acute injury, chronic pain, and postural imbalances. At Continuum Health Centre, our practitioners offer a range of hands-on techniques to assess and treat injuries.

These techniques manipulate tissue and fascia around problem areas to improve the range of motion, reduce swelling or inflammation, relax muscles, and restore physical function. There are numerous ways manual therapy can be beneficial for you.

It can provide long-lasting relief for chronic pain syndromes associated with the joints, relieve muscle tension in various body regions from head to toe, and realign movements caused by poor posture, which causes biomechanical dysfunctions. With low-risk side effects associated with it and its efficacy in repeated treatments, manual therapy is an effective tool used by many professionals in the medical field today.

Relieving Joint Pain

One of the primary benefits of manual therapy is its ability to relieve joint pain. Techniques such as joint mobilization and manipulation are used to move a joint through its full range of motion. These techniques can reduce pain, improve range of motion, and restore function. Additionally, traction is a technique that involves the application of a gentle tensioning force to the joint, which creates a sensation of decompression. This technique can be helpful in reducing joint pain and restoring range of motion.

Improving Soft Tissue Mobility

Manual therapy is also effective in improving soft tissue mobility. Techniques such as soft tissue massage, myofascial release, and manually assisted stretching target conditions involving soft tissue structures, such as muscles, tendons, nerves, and fascia. These techniques aid in the rehabilitation process by promoting blood flow, reducing areas of tension, and improving tissue pliability. By addressing soft tissue restrictions, manual therapy can help to improve overall movement patterns, reduce pain and improve function.

Facilitating Effective Recovery

Manual therapy can be an asset in the rehabilitation process and optimize functional recovery when used in conjunction with a therapeutic exercise program and a graded return to activity. At Continuum Health Centre, our practitioners will work with each patient to determine the most appropriate treatment techniques. This individualized approach ensures that manual therapy is tailored to meet each patient’s specific needs, facilitating effective recovery and returning the patient to their pre-injury level of function.

Your Health is the Top Priority

Manual therapy is a valuable tool for treating many injuries and conditions. Manual therapy may be the right treatment option, whether you’re dealing with joint pain or soft tissue restrictions or looking to facilitate effective recovery. If you are experiencing pain or limited range of motion, don’t hesitate to contact Continuum Health Centre at 1-778-433-7737 or click here to learn more about manual therapy and how it may benefit you.