Bike Fitting

Optimize Your Ride: Personalized Bike Fitting by a Physiotherapist for Enhanced Performance and Comfort on Every Pedal Stroke.

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Why invest in bike fitting?

Experience Tailored Precision: Our Physiotherapist-Led Bike Fitting Service employs biomechanical analysis and musculoskeletal expertise to align your body and bike, reducing the risk of injuries and improving efficiency. Through a comprehensive assessment, we fine-tune saddle height, handlebar position, and pedal alignment, ensuring a customized setup that maximizes power output while minimizing strain, enabling you to ride longer and stronger with confidence.

Physical Evaluation

Identify any existing or potential issues, such as previous injuries, postural asymmetries, or discomfort, to tailor your bike setup accordingly.

Biomechanical Analysis

A thorough assessment of your body mechanics, including joint angles, flexibility, muscle imbalances, and pedaling technique, to understand how your body interacts with the bike.

Custom Adjustments

Precise adjustments to the bike's components, including saddle height, handlebar reach, cleat positioning, and overall bike geometry, based on your biomechanics and comfort preferences.


Make sure your body is adapting well to the new position. Re-visit for micro-adjustments as the body becomes accustomed to the new position so you’re happy and riding at your best.

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