What Is Athletic Therapy?

Athletes, unlike most of the general population, put a large amount of wear and tear on the body. Often, they have nagging injuries that they will just “play through”. Those nagging injuries may become more serious or chronic if not taken care of.

The body will always organize itself to compensate for pain, which doesn’t help with things like posture and that’s when things can get ugly. For example, changing the way you run to alleviate the pain can eventually cause serious injury.

You don’t even need to be an athlete to benefit from an athletic therapist. If you have an active lifestyle, even small injuries can occur with long-lasting effects.

Clients can discuss their current ailment or area for improvement as the practitioner completes a full assessment, developing an individualized plan for successful return-to-fitness.

Therapists help clients return to fitness through various manual therapies, modalities, exercise, and bracing and taping.

The Continuum Health Centre experts provide injury assessment and rehabilitation. Our therapists effectively treat musculoskeletal (muscles, bones, and joints) injuries.

Sometimes the body requires more than just rest. As busy athletes go through the daily routine of team practices, individual post workouts, and school, sometimes those nagging injuries don’t take priority and get overlooked.

The body does a great job of telling athletes where the weak links are, and a good practitioner will diagnose and start the necessary therapy to begin the road to recovery.

At Continuum, health practitioners work with coaches so that everyone is on the same page – especially when it comes to conducting assessments and developing training programs.

An integrated team of practitioners and coaches actively work to redefine the standard of care for performance, health, and rehabilitation services. In a client-centred approach, the therapist’s eyes aren’t the only ones on the client – meaning the more people that understand what the athlete’s needs are, the better.

Continuum Health Centre is located in the Speed Mechanics facility, which allows immediate interaction and engagement with coaches and the ability to perform therapies on site. Having a fully integrated support team is key to getting an athlete fully rehabilitated.

Athletic therapy puts an emphasis on health, rehabilitation, and performance and a good therapist makes it happen.