Physiotherapy In Athletics

As an athlete, participating in sports requires a wealth of knowledge, and performing your best demands more than just coordination and sports-specific skills.

Every athlete at some point goes through some amount of wear and tear, whether it’s experiencing pain from throwing a baseball, getting a hamstring pull from running, or injuring your ankle in an on-field accident. Having a limited understanding of how your body works can be detrimental to injury prevention or overall wellness.

Physiotherapy is a distinct plan tailored around rehabilitation or injury prevention. It focuses on movement and helps athletes rebuild, maintain, or simply increase an athlete’s ability to perform through increased mobility and overall function.

Physiotherapists are focused on educating athletes about their own bodies, empowering them to use this knowledge to remain healthy. Part of this process is getting athletes active in their own recovery.

Developing a treatment plan with each patient requires the touch of a skillful practitioner, one that understands functional activities and specializes in multiple sports.

At Continuum Health Centre, one-on-one sessions will raise a client’s awareness, returning each back to fitness and adequately preparing them to remain active.

It can be frustrating to always have nagging injuries or to not fully recover from an injury because the wrong treatment was prescribed or a proper diagnosis was never performed.

Continuum Health Centre empowers clients by providing them with a full evaluation, assessment, and movement screen to navigate their road to recovery. Our experienced physiotherapists bring each client from injury and preliminary diagnosis through to functional recovery.

Manual therapy, modalities, and mobility techniques – incorporated on a case-by-case basis – all facilitate the recovery process. After treatment, the client feels more resilient with improved function, range of motion, tolerance, and strength.

Continuum Health Centre is proud of having an integrated practitioner-performance team that offers a complete continuity of care – to get everyone back on their feet.

The practitioners at Continuum Health Centre aim to treat each and every aspect of the injury during the treatment and recovery phases; they acknowledge that individual circumstances can be involved. Members of the team will work with their clients to develop an individualized training program tailored to their rehab and performance goals, getting them back to the activities they love, stronger than ever.