Active Recovery For The Active Lifestyle

After a strenuous workout (that can put your muscles to the test), the first thing in mind is usually to collapse and reward yourself by melting into the couch or moving into full nap status.

If you genuinely want the most out of your workout, moving into an active recovery session is essential. It will be the best thing for enhancing blood flow to those surrounding joints – which can speed up recovery expeditiously.

Taking the time for an extra 15-30 minute cool-down session is important, but the commitment is rarely honoured – as it should be, due to time constraints or because people lack the knowledge of what an active recovery session will offer.

Active recovery sessions dramatically increase your full range of motion by adding much-needed mobility exercises. Optimal care is taken to refrain from overloading targeted muscle groups. As such, most mobility exercises employed require minimal to no-load and are performed using minimal bodyweight. This routine can reduce lactic acid buildup in muscles and eliminate unwanted toxins.

As such, soreness may be reduced, keeping muscles pliable and resilient – promoting blood flow to help increase peak performance.

At Continuum, our integrated support team members facilitate active recovery sessions post-workout, putting your body in a recalibration state. Making time for these sessions will always promote quick recovery and dial-in on injury prevention.

Remember: the majority of exercises performed in the active recovery session should require very little to no load and be performed using minimal bodyweight.

Each athlete has different needs and targets that can change with activity levels and should carefully match an individual’s physical capacity.

At Continuum Health Centre, practitioners will guide clients through a dynamic range of physical movements, promoting circulation without that unwanted muscle load.

Our experts will ensure optimal care does not overload targeted muscle groups. Unfortunately, it can be very easy to overtrain inadvertently. Recognizing that many athletes are prone to this condition, extra care is made to avoid overexerting the client physically and mentally.

Continuum practitioners are available to navigate clients through each workout, and post-workout, active recovery sessions will work to enhance a client’s performance – regardless of their activity level or athletic lifestyle.

Adding an active recovery session post-workout for any athlete or weekend warrior can be crucial for remaining active. Active recovery sessions will bolster your resiliency and allow you to perform better, sooner.