When Would You Use Blood Flow Restriction Training?

There are many methods to help increase overall strength and muscle growth. In particular, blood flow restriction (BFR) training stimulates muscle activity. 

This technique allows athletes to work out with lower loads but still receive the advantage of feeling as though they just experienced a high-intensity workout. 

How Does It Work?

BFR training uses cuffs to restrict blood flow to the targeted area of the body.

For example: when you’re not able to lift heavy loads due to a quad injury, using a restriction cuff around the quad will starve the muscle of oxygen, causing even light weights to fatigue the muscle during a leg extension exercise.

The restriction cuff is placed directly around the quad, which will recruit more muscles firing and failing in the targeted area.

Once the cuff is removed, oxygen rushes back in to start the recovery process, accelerating recovery and promoting muscle growth.

Any Precautions?

Blood flow restriction shouldn’t be used in all cases. For example, it may not be appropriate for clients to use when heavier loads are involved. As it is entirely case-dependent, practitioners will employ the modality to fit the client’s situation.

Restricting the muscles could cause injury if the restriction is too tight and large amounts of weight are lifted. In addition, the load the muscle takes, plus the restriction around the target area, could create an overtraining effect and may lead to fatigue, burnout, or worse – injury. 

However, blood flow restriction bands are beneficial in some instances, say after surgery or injury.

Seek The Advice Of A Professional

We all want to get back in the gym after an injury and get after it. Working your way back with BFR low-intensity training could be your best option.

It’s a lesser-known way to reap the rewards of high-intensity training—without subjecting the body to unnecessary stresses during post-injury or post-surgery recovery. 

Continuum Health Centre, which operates in conjunction with Speed Mechanics on Victoria Island, offers many advanced therapies to their clients. Clients enjoy the benefits of receiving treatment on-site, working with both practitioners and strength & conditioning coaches. As a result, each client has access to a wealth of knowledge, where they can rehabilitate and train under the same roof to get back on the field—and stay there.

At Continuum, physiotherapy, sports psychology, sports nutrition, chiropractic, massage, and kinesiology/athletic therapy rehabilitation services integrate seamlessly with strength and conditioning activities. Blood flow restriction training is one of the many modalities Continuum Health Centre offers its clients.

With Continuum Health Centre’s expertise in diagnosing and treating injuries, their professionals will make sure BFR training is right for you.